Finding homes for all the presents you and your family have received can be challenge but there is no need to panic – or think you need to move house – there are some very clever storage ideas which can be created.

If you are looking to increase storage space within the bedroom, then consider these ideas. You can double your hanging space within a wardrobe by adding a second rod or you could introduce a shelving system which is great for jumpers and tops that can be folded. With a bespoke wardrobe, you can also ask for draws and extra compartments for shoes. You would not believe how much space can be created with a clever design, for example, a floor to ceiling wardrobe makes use of all the vertical space available.

The beauty of opting for custom built furniture is that every space can be utilised, for example, the area under a window can be turned into an attractive seat which has storage underneath. You can also get rid of unsightly plastic storage boxes and instead have lovely wooden chests or shelving units.

Children often have the smallest room in the house but seem to have the most stuff especially after Christmas. It doesn’t matter how many times you neatly stack your children’s toys in minutes they will be scattered all over the place again. Encourage your children to keep their toys neat with attractive custom built brightly coloured storage units. You can even colour code them or have unusual shapes to make it more interesting for them to store away their toys at the end of the day.

Again, having floor to ceiling shelving is a great idea as you are making full use of the wall space and it will make the room feel bigger. Investing in custom-built storage solutions will not only help keep the children’s bedroom free of clutter and it means you won’t keep treading on those pesky bits of Lego, it’s got to be worth it.

Now, let’s move downstairs to the living room. With the increase of laptops, computers and home entertainment systems bought for the home especially around Christmas and the January sales, it becomes hard to know where to put everything without them looking obtrusive. One of the best ideas is to have a unit built which houses the TV and other equipment but also has shelving for the display of books and ornaments. This can help create a happy balance especially in a more traditional type of interior.

When it comes to laptops and computers, the best suggestion is to find a corner or an area which can be turned into a workspace. It doesn’t matter the size of space or if there is an awkward angle, a custom-built desk can provide a solution. The big advantage is that draws and cupboards can be incorporated in the design so you can keep this area free of clutter and paper.
It is always surprising what can be achieved in a tiny space. A complete, fully functioning study can often be built under staircases or on landings. Study bedrooms are also a very successful and a popular option for teenager’s bedrooms.

Don’t discount any hidden or unused spaces within your home as these areas can not only be turned into valuable storage areas but also provide surfaces for photographs, books, ornaments and lighting. For example, carving out more space for built in display units or bookcases either side of a fireplace can transform a room and gives you lots of opportunities to style and personalise your home.

These are just a handful of ideas which can be achieved with custom built furniture as the possibilities are endless. So, once the Christmas tree and decorations have been taken down have a quiet moment and look around your home to seek out all the spaces which could be used for shelving, storage and display units. Every inch can really make a difference, also don’t forget to think vertically.

Why not contact us now to make an appointment for us to pop round in the New Year to show you what can be designed for the space you have in mind.
Barry Martin | Designer

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