Designing Your Perfect Fitted Wardrobes

Perfect Fitted Wardrobes

Designing Your Perfect Fitted Wardrobes

wardrobe and the advantages of having a custom built functional space.

Not everyone has the luxury of space or budget for a walk-in wardrobe like Carrie Bradshaw’s famous closet which wowed viewers of Sex in the City. But the good news is that even with the smallest of rooms it is possible to have a bespoke fitted wardrobe which is not only functional but beautifully houses all your clothes and accessories so you too can also feel like a film star!

Plan your wardrobe

Before deciding on your wardrobe, you need to have a sort out of your clothes and accessories. You can judge how much hanging space you need by grouping together dresses, shirts, trousers, jackets, shoes etc… This will give you a clear idea of how you want your wardrobe organised and what you want to hang up or fold. You should also decide on what items you want to be easily accessible and what items can be stored away for the season.

Hanging space

The amount of hanging space needed within a fitted wardrobe will depend on the individual. With ‘crease-free’ materials it is possible to fold tops, jumpers, and jeans which mean your other items can hang nicely without cramming them in. With custom built wardrobes, you could opt to have two hanging rails, one placed on top of the other, if you don’t have lots of long items of clothing. Or have a mix of double rails at one end and a single rail at the other. If you can’t decide you can always consider having adjustable rails so you have more freedom when it comes to hanging up your clothes.


Having drawers within your wardrobe is a perfect solution for storing smaller items such as ties, belts, scarves, hats, and other accessories. It helps keeps all your items organised and makes them visible instead of being hidden away or on hangers with the rest of your clothes. It also gives you more possibilities when choosing an outfit as instead of going for the same thing as you can’t find or see what else you have, you can see a selection of colours and styles. By using dividers in the drawers, you can create order and avoid everything becoming jumbled up.


You can easily carve out some space at the end of your wardrobe or under a hanging rail for some open shelves. This provides an ideal storage space for neatly folded jumpers, handbags but also linen. The beauty of custom built fitted wardrobes is they don’t all have to be the same height, for example, your deeper shelves could be above waist height and then more shallow shelves at the bottom to store shoes – they can also be tilted giving you a real luxury shop front to your wardrobe.


If you don’t have a huge amount of space in your bedroom, then sliding doors are a great solution. You could also consider having mirrored doors which will make the room feel much bigger and reflect more light.

Make use of all your space

Always think vertically as there is a huge amount of space which can be gained with a fitted wardrobe which goes right up to the ceiling. The space at the top can house items which you don’t need as much access to, for example, winter jumpers during the warmer months. A custom made fitted wardrobe will ensure that every inch of space is being used and not wasted. Also, don’t rule out having a wardrobe in a walkway to the bedroom or on the landing, a bespoke wardrobe can be made to blend in with its surrounding and to fit awkward spaces.

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