Why Fitted Sliding Wardrobes Can Transform Your Bedroom

Sliding Wardrobes

Why Fitted Sliding Wardrobes Can Transform Your Bedroom

Unlike standard wardrobes, fitted sliding wardrobes tend to be built into walls in such a way that they are not movable or removable. Consequently, they would normally be a permanent feature of a bedroom furniture or interior décor and cannot be moved about for example during a house move. Considering the vast amount of wardrobe options available to home owners today, we will consider some of the reasons why a fitted sliding wardrobe can transform a bedroom in this article.




Arguably one of the most important benefits of a fitted wardrobe is creativity and flexibility. Today, users can customise these wardrobes to suit their needs hence the focus on fitted sliding wardrobes in this article. For example, you can choose from a wide array of contemporary designs and create partitions, mix finishing and door handles, or test various interior storage options including the amount of show cascades, draws, and cloth hanging areas.

In addition, users can benefit from the amount of extra storage space that is afforded by sliding fitted wardrobes for clothes, shoes and other personal belongings. This is particularly so because fitted wardrobes are usually installed in awkward or unusual locations or parts of a room such as the loft or underneath the stairs.

Furthermore, when it comes to awkwardly shaped rooms, fitted sliding wardrobes maximise the use of floor and storage space. Indeed, when used, the sliding doors (mirrored or not) are particularly useful here because they are usually simple, easy and very effective in situations where spaces are limited thereby presenting many possibilities in terms of style and design along the way. The mere fact that you won’t need to open the doors outwards is a bonus on its own.


When it comes to installing a fitted sliding wardrobe, it is important to actually hire a specialist wardrobe designers and fitters that will take a professional look at what space is available and properly explore the appropriateness of your chosen location. In addition, the wardrobe expert will examine the number and type of storage options available to you, compare to a selection of wardrobe gallery items, and investigate the most suitable materials that will complement the look and feel of your existing bedroom and make it appear even more elegant. This will make it easier to draw up a more realistic plan for your project in terms of cost and design. Therefore, you should not underestimate the value of a highly trained installation wardrobe manufacturer when it comes to providing a bespoke solution that will be suited to your budget and taste right from conception through to completion.



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